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ATTENTION ALL EXISTING DENSOTECH USERS! Please read ALL information below before proceeding:

Due to a security upgrade on September 12, 2022, your DENSOTech password must be reset. You MUST have access to the current account email (as of September 2022), as that is where the verification will be sent. If you do not have access or the email address has changed, please contact DENSO with a detailed explanation (You must include this information: (1) Old email address, (2) New email address, and (3) Your Global ID.) The email MUST come from the account holder.

If you DO have access to the current email account; (1) Click on Forgot Password, (2) Enter your email address , (3) Click Reset Password and follow the instructions. If you cannot log in, you must reset your password which will encrypt it using the new, more secure password encryption system. If the login procedure does not work, DO NOT sign up for a new account as you will be locked out of the system. You must use the reset password function or contact DENSO.

If you are requesting ETSI access and are a new user, please fill out the New User Registration form. Do not attempt to change a former employee’s email as it will lock up the accounts. For ETSI access, your Global ID must be entered in order to verify your account status.

The DENSO Tech Engine Electrical website is for parts lists and test specs on starters and alternators. DENSO ETSI is specific to fuel injection. In order to use this system, you must be a DENSO authorized wholesale distributor or service dealer. Each user must also have a valid email address in order to access the system. offers a simple interface to locate the data you need to repair vehicles.

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You may request a NEW user ID and password by completely filling out the information at the New User Registration Form. If you have an existing account, do not use this form as you will be locked out. Please allow up to 48 hours for validation to be emailed to you.


If your email/password combination does not work, we may not have a current email address on file for you. If you have an updated email address, please login using the old email/password combination and update it within the system. If you have forgotten your password, please fill out the Contact Us form, explaining, in detail, the issue you are having logging in to the website.